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Would you join this club?

Club LogoImagine you were clearing out some old boxes from the attic and came across a membership card to a club you vaguely remember your father signed up for. Being careful in this day and age with whom you associate (or even socialize), you decide to have a quick look to see what has become of that club. Hey – perhaps you could brag about it by sticking the logo up on your Facebook page. After all, the card carries a nice low membership number. There is heritage and foresight potential here (Thanks dad!).

Moments later your excitement is wiped out by a pang of adrenaline rushing into your blood stream: You are officially in bed with thugs, mass murderers, vocal terrorist supporters and other very slimy creatures. It’s right there on the club website. Your name is even listed not far from a guy charged with several counts of murder. Oh horror! What if someone found out and shot off a nasty tweet? Could it be denied? (not a chance!). Could you hide behind neglect (I forgot all about it and besides it was my father who signed me up…) – Oh man, what am I thinking? Dishonoring my father to avoid public disgrace? Get a grip!

With sweaty, trembling hands on the keyboard, you decide to get serious: Investigate, evaluate and act. And to get your breathing back under control. Who issued a membership card to these guys in the first place? And why haven’t they been thrown out? Should you cancel? Is it at all possible?

Well, let’s have a look (warning: The following contains graphic images and strong language not suited for all audiences. Parental guidance recommended).   Read the rest …