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Will you be going to Stupid-Jail?

If you don’t know what Stupid-Jail is then allow me to attempt a definition: in modern society, when a human member falls below the minimal limit of valuable skills and has already exhausted available (re-)learning capabilities, that member is send to Stupid-Jail.

In many countries, initial offenders to the law of economic value are often only sentenced to unemployment. Some are even offered rehabilitation courses during their suspension. But repeat offenders will eventually find themselves serving for life.

It seems somewhat strange, that we haven’t caught onto the inherent trouble looming, when on one hand we do our best to replace human labor with automated contraptions, while at the same time doggedly stick to a socio-economic system, where the kingpin is made of the very thing we work so hard to replace: so-called jobs. It would seem ultimately impossible to have both. Something will have to give. Read more