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Syrian leukemia – why the “doctors” can’t agree on a treatment.

Aspirin - a cure for Syrian head ache?White blood cells are good. Except if there are too many of them. And especially if they decide certain parts of your body doesn’t belong, things can get nasty rather quickly. Perhaps a crude picture of what’s going on in Syria right now – but crude is all there is time for here.

The immediate question is less about why, who and how many, as it is about the astonishing inability to have it stopped. Essentially: Why could international support and agreement be reached over Libya – including support from the Arab League – and no such thing seem even remotely possible for Syria? Why do things grind to halt at the sanctions level (a level that has proven – repeatedly – to be as effective as taking aspirin against AIDS.)

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Democracy – a sovereign debt generator?

Is it possible that our democratic models have a build-in flaw that eventually leads to bankruptcy?

The “worker bees” of democracy are our beloved politicians, today mostly professional in the sense that their mandate is their primary (if not the only) source of income. And they are all on a contract with set expiration dates – and no automatic renewal feature.

On paper that is all well and good: By keeping our leaders on their toes, they’ll work diligently to have results to show off when election day comes around. If they made good on their promises of last campaign they’re likely to be granted another round. But in practice there is a perverse side effect as we shall see. Read the rest …