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Cyber warfare – trust is good … “kontrolle noch besser”!

2aces_wlIf anyone still nurtured cozy illusions about friendship and fair play between nation states, then 2013 marks the year where these last politically challenged students, at the back of the class, finally got it. As was stressed in “Success 101”: In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. That goes for sovereign nation states, businesses and individuals all alike. But if you walk up to a negotiation table where the other party already knows what cards you’re holding, you’re not even going to get what you deserve – you’ll get trashed!

The only surprising thing about the revelations of the US spying on world leaders and very likely on as many corporate CEOs as they can, is that they got caught! Make no mistake: Barack Obama hasn’t yelled at K. B. Alexander – the head of NSA – for tapping into Angela Merkel’s phone but for being sloppy with data security!

The fact is: All the talk about global markets being good for everyone fail to mention that unless your leaders are apt at the negotiation tables, it might well be better for some and not-so-great for others. And you don’t want to be counted among the “others”! Politicians and business leaders involved have a crystal clear understanding of this. It therefore goes without saying that the old SAS “7 p’s” adage (Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance) is applied: Gather as much information about the other parties negotiation position, strategy and arguments as possible. Before going into the ring. And why not implement such best practices to their fullest? Read more

Will you be going to Stupid-Jail?

If you don’t know what Stupid-Jail is then allow me to attempt a definition: in modern society, when a human member falls below the minimal limit of valuable skills and has already exhausted available (re-)learning capabilities, that member is send to Stupid-Jail.

In many countries, initial offenders to the law of economic value are often only sentenced to unemployment. Some are even offered rehabilitation courses during their suspension. But repeat offenders will eventually find themselves serving for life.

It seems somewhat strange, that we haven’t caught onto the inherent trouble looming, when on one hand we do our best to replace human labor with automated contraptions, while at the same time doggedly stick to a socio-economic system, where the kingpin is made of the very thing we work so hard to replace: so-called jobs. It would seem ultimately impossible to have both. Something will have to give. Read more

Democracy – a sovereign debt generator?

Is it possible that our democratic models have a build-in flaw that eventually leads to bankruptcy?

The “worker bees” of democracy are our beloved politicians, today mostly professional in the sense that their mandate is their primary (if not the only) source of income. And they are all on a contract with set expiration dates – and no automatic renewal feature.

On paper that is all well and good: By keeping our leaders on their toes, they’ll work diligently to have results to show off when election day comes around. If they made good on their promises of last campaign they’re likely to be granted another round. But in practice there is a perverse side effect as we shall see. Read the rest …