SystemFault-Fatal-ca03-paperback-thumb When your child is abducted you immediately come into contact with a world most of us rarely give much thought: The “system” of law and order, law enforcement, crime investigation and justice. Then, when no ransom is demanded, you fear the worst. Soon the police will break the news to you: they’ve found a body that corresponds. Except your concept of “the worst” is radically redefined when instead they tell you their most likely scenario: your child has been abducted by professionals in human sex trade.Loosing a child to violent death isn’t the worst that can happen. Not anymore.What do you do when that reality sets in? Break down, plunge into despair and depression? Carry on and hope the “system” – the institutions of our society – will find her in time and punish the criminals? And even if you decided to “do something”, what can you do?
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Release date: 2014
ISBN 979-10-91932-00-4 (Kindle)
ISBN 979-10-91932-02-8 (Paperback)

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