The Element

Sir Ken Robinson - The Element

This book is powerful – potentially! You see, this isn’t another cookbook with recipes on how to get rich (fast), happy (now) or immensely creative in five easy steps. Those looking for that sort of approach will be disappointed. Instead it offers some insights with enormous implications – potentially (we’ll get to the “potential” part in a minute).

The basic argument in the book is that if you can’t find your true calling – your element – then chances are high you’ll not live a fulfilling life. In fact there’s a good chance you’ll merely endure it. From there Sir Ken takes the reader through a series of illustrative stories of people who have successfully found their element. And how that enriched their lives – as well as that of countless others around them. (you’ll also find that none of them did what they did for the money. Often quite the contrary! But they all got to be free of financial worries and wants anyway. A bonus they didn’t ask for)

In addition he is suggesting ways you could go look for your passion, although it must be said the trees do not grow into the heavens. There’s a reason for that: If there were such a thing as a ready-made recipe for finding ones passion then someone would have published it already. And it would work every single time … right?

Sir Ken believes that our current educational system is for a large part responsible for people not finding their element. That is why he spends a great deal of time trying to take you back and show you how it could have been. That once, back in the shrouded memory of your childhood and passage through school, you were passionate – about many things. Or perhaps just one thing. He wants you to pick up from there and see if that possibly leads you onto your element.

So this book is only potentially powerful because it leaves you with all the hard work: 1) Finding your passion and 2) Muster the courage to change your life accordingly.
So, I rate this book five stars because it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. And this little candle could well start a fire!


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