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Actually, this list contain both blogs and websites – I make no particular distinction. What matters is what the site has to offer – not its format. The entries in the list are entirely my choice with no set criteria except that I find them valuable. You might not find them useful to you. Then again, you might. There is no particular order in this list other than new entries being stuck in at the top because it’s makes adding them easier.

If you know of a site that I ought to have a look at then please leave a comment – you can be sure I’ll check it out.

How about the ultimate creative crowd sourcing place? Got an idea? No money, can’t get the team together, no cheerleaders to keep you up? Actually, even if you aren’t pregnant with a great idea, or have ever had any ideas at all, you should check this out: Patrons are welcome.

Statistics are, for most of us, about as exiting as watching paint dry. But not on this site! Give it a try and you’ll think “Why aren’t our schools full of this great stuff?”. Also, there are some really funny videos to watch too.

Learn about the debt crisis of the US, how it came about, where we’re at and what can be done about it. Scary stuff wrapped up in a very easy to follow lecture. If you haven’t seen this then I urge you to do so. Now we’re waiting for the same version for Europe…. any takers?

If you don’t know this site you are missing out on some great stuff. This is a video site with interesting talks and presentations from some really amazing people. Thought provoking or just jaw dropping – this is a place to visit.

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