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I’m not much for the unreadable full legal texts that leaves you with that uneasy feeling something is amiss (like: “we’ve made this to avoid making any real promises whatsoever and you so you can’t hold us liable in any way. No matter what”). So here’s what I promise and what I do not, in plain English:

I promise,

  • That I will never ever voluntarily hand over your email or any other information regarding you that I may hold. Voluntarily means just that: Of my own free will. Now, if someone holds a gun to my head and says “give us the data”, then I’ll hand it over. (I’ll also inform you and all relevant authorities, should I manage to survive)
  • That I will never ever sell or otherwise exploit your data in any way. This includes all manners of sneaky schemes like “if you’d just send this little email out for me …” and other similar rubbish. I’m just not going to do it.
  • If you think I hold any information about you, I’ll tell you all about it if you ask.
  • If you don’t want me to hold such information, all you have to do is tell me and I’ll delete all of it – permanently.
  • To protect your data to the best of my abilities. That means following all best practices that I, as a simple citizen, can be expected to know about and have the resources to implement. However, there are nasty people out there and some of them even enjoy a nice government pension scheme to boot. Against such folks – should they decide that your data is of paramount importance to them – I do not stand a chance. And I might never even know they’d been paying a visit. Sorry about that. I can only do so much.
  • That this site – to the best of my knowledge – does not contain any malware, troyan horse stuff, viruses or any other harmful scripts or whatever. All scripts, plug-ins, pop-ups etc that this site contain – and will eventually contain in the future – have come from traceable, certifiable sources (or I have written the stuff myself). It is, after all, in my own best interest that you should have a great experience during your visit and not come away with some “venereal souvenir”. If anything bad should happen – or simply that you have a suspicion of something – then please contact me directly (mail to TMWords on google • com). I’m trying to run a clean ship here.

Permitted use:

First of all, I retain full copyright to all content on this site, unless specifically noted otherwise. So here are the rules I (kindly) ask you to follow:

  • You may read to your hearts content.
  • You may share whatever information you find on this site with whoever you want – but, if you would please quote your source that’ll be nice. Thanks. By the way, I’ve included a truckload of options for you to share any post or other page at the click of a button – go ahead and use that. They should all be quoting the source adequately.
  • For images things are a bit more complicated. Some are under Creative Commons copyright but many are governed by more restrictive rights. Please forgive me for not making a real mess out of the whole navigation and layout of this site by including diverse links to use and copyright for each media element. Instead I suggest you drop me a note (mail to TMWords on google • com) and I’m sure we can work together to satisfy your needs.
  • Links – ahh yes. Please link to my site. Links are good. It’s a free world (well, parts of it anyways) and while I welcome all relevant links (even the ones that says: “this site is full of … horse manure” – we may have a fruitful exchange of opinions :-), there is just about nothing I can do about incoming links from sites I’d rather not be associated with (such as link farms, adult sites or deranged extremists sites). We’ll live with that, just as long as you know I’m not in any way “associated” with this or that site because it happens to have a link pointing this way.

Your comments are welcome,

as long as you stick to these few basic guidelines of conduct:

  • Try to stay with the topic. If you think there is another interesting issue that should be discussed, please email me instead. If I find I have anything to say on the matter then there will be a post coming up sometime later. Or – the door is open – I might invite you to guest-blog on it. How about that!
  • Please let us not get into an unproductive shouting match. To disagree is great! Really it is. If we all agreed all the time we’d still be sleeping in caves. But take disagreement as an opportunity to learn something yourself and/or watch others do the same. So, chill down on upper case and such things.
  • No profanity, too heavy swearing or derogative language. Please? Can we agree to that?
  • Try to not go crazy on links in the comments. One or two are ok – five or ten isn’t.

When all this is said and done, I do moderate the comments. If, for any reason, I find your comment to be unsuited, then I will take it off the post. If that happens to you and you feel bad about it, please email me and we’ll try to work it out. But I will not suppress comments that disagree or argue against any viewpoint I may have expressed. As long as you wipe your feet before stepping in.


Tom Munk

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