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The WordLair is about questions worth asking. And worth finding some answers to.

The blog part of this site asks questions in as factual, analytic and bs-free a manner as I can manage. The fiction part is where I use story-telling as a vehicle to the same end. Good stories have at least two major advantages over dry and facts based communication: they are a lot more entertaining and they stand a better chance at taking your imagination on a journey towards things that might be. And as is all too well known: before something can be build, it must be imagined.

My first instinct is trust. My second is interest.

Forever hungry for knowledge, insight and understanding; I’m now living my second – or would that be third? – life: First twenty-five years trying to grow up, get through school and figure out what girls could be useful for. Then another twenty-five (it wasn’t planned like that!) as professional IT engineer, quickly turned entrepreneur, where I got to know the layout of way too many airports across the globe. And now – that does make it three now that I make the count – writer and blogger.

My interests are diverse but centers on us humans. How we live together, how we get into quarrels (all levels: from the seemingly irreconcilable arguments between brothers to throwing tomahawk missiles at each other), how we organize our societies, what we believe, our hopes and plans for the future. And that’s just a grab in the bag.

I hope you’ll find this blog and the questions it raises interesting, perhaps at times even slightly funny too. Tough, heavy questions and topics can often do with a good laugh, I believe. In any case please participate. Disagree or shout your cheers, submit corrections and add your part to the story. But let us all stay on the right side of getting into a shouting match. There never were a truer remark than this one (origin unknown): “And here we raise our voice, ’cause the arguments are weak”. So, welcome all – let’s discuss. If we disagree then I’ll be all ears! You see, I’m convinced that when opinions differ, when conflict looms, that’s where the richest soil for progress is found.

If you want to talk “off the mike” then send your mail to TMWords on gmail.com. If you don’t get an answer within a decent delay then it’s probably because you got caught in the spam filter. Just try again or leave a message somewhere on the blog.


Best regards

Tom Munk

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